How it Works


The Karjoin experience is designed to be very simple and convenient, with the inclusion of tracking and customer feedback, and it will work as follows:


Install App in Smartphone

Customers install the app on their smartphone and create an online Karjoin account. A customer’s credit card will be attached to the account, so they never need to handle any cash.


Request For Ride

When a customer requires a ride, he or she can use the app to tell Karjoin the pickup location - the phone GPS can help with this.


Get ETA Details

Karjoin app will confirm how many minutes they will wait. Rides will be commonly 3 to 10 minutes away.


Get Trip Details

Karjoin app will confirm to customer when a ride has arrived. The app will also show details of the driver, his/her name, picture and the type of car he/she drives.


Pay Service Charge

Customers then take the ride, payment is handled invisibly, with no tip required. Customers simply just step out of the car at the end and wave thank you..


Pay Service Charge

Immediately after a trip ends, the customer can rate the driver from 1 to 5 Stars. Drivers are able to rate riders. This feedback system is designed to promote accountability for everyone.