Drivers Overview

Safety is an important factor for drivers working with Karjoin. As the transaction is cash-less, a driver need not worry about unpaid fares and will not need to carry any sizeable amounts of cash.

Unlike many cab drivers who work by 12- hour shifts or black taxi drivers who are scheduled by dispatch, Karjoin’s drivers can enjoy greater freedom and flexibility. As such drivers can log in and off the system anytime and can choose to strategically allocate their work hours that best meets their goals and circumstances.

Expensive taxi and cab rental is avoided as Karjoin drivers can use their own vehicles, which means greater profit for drivers.

Rude and disruptive passengers are also weeded out the Karjoin network because, in the same way that passengers can rate their drivers, drivers can also rate their customers, and consistently low ratings or reports of unsafe behaviours towards drivers can cause de-activation of an account by Karjoin.

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