About Us

About Us

Karjoin Workflow

Karjoin is a unique ride-hailing app operating across London, which connects drivers with passengers, instead of through a centralised booking service or having to hail a car in the street. Convenient, inexpensive and safe, the Karjoin app – which is available for free on Android and iOS Store– Will provide a reliable way to get on-demand rides, with the tap of a button on any smartphone device.

Geo-location Statistics

Using GPS, the Karjoin apps detects a customer’s location and connects them with the nearest driver, who will be able to pick them up within minutes. Not only is this an on-demand ride service, but customers can also use the Karjoin App to uniquely pre-book journeys. The app will also provide a price estimate, and is cashless – customers pay through the app, including tips.

Our Aim

Set to further disrupt the ride-hailing market, both the customer and driver can also benefit financially from an innovative profit sharing arrangement, whereby the business will share all net profits each year between the shareholder, drivers and customers respectively. With a service that will operate across the capital with 12-months, Join aims to become the most recognised alternative to traditional taxi cabs, providing every Londoner with a convenient and affordable form of transport.